"Working with Romes Designs was a very positive experience. Brian is very patient and really takes the time to understand what his customers want. He is an extremely talented individual. From logo design, marketing pieces to web design he masters it all!

Thanks for all you fantastic work!"

Kelly Walsh Owner of - Fitness 360 -

My name is Kevin Stemmler. My family’s meat business has been in existence for 20 years and is very successful locally. But when my brothers and I took over the family business, we wanted to raise our profile by expanding our business and bring it into the 20th century by putting it on the internet. Hence, enter Brian Romany. We loved the “very” creative and clean sites that he has designed as well as his professionalism and willingness to listen and work with what we wanted to see. We felt that Brian was the best man to help us raise that profile and give us that very professional look that we would need in our expansion plans. Well……..he more than exceeded. Brian excelled in the design of our website. We consider Brian and Romes Design an asset to Stemmler Meats & Cheese and we look forward to continuing and expanding our website with his help and guidance. If you are in need of a website or want a new fresh perspective, we highly recommend Brian! Best regards,

- Stemmler Meats and Cheese -

"The graphic design talents of Brian Romany of Romes Design are unmatched. His creativity and originality always bring a fresh approach to my marketing concepts"

- Michael Garside Director of Operations GolfNorth Properties Inc. -

As a world ranked professional athlete, on the verge of being recognized as the world’s best, it is very important that everything that I am associated with is of the highest quality. Romes Design has provided me with fresh, creative, distinctive logos, and design work. Standing out is one thing, standing above is what I believe Romes Design embodies in their designs, and service. Working with Romes Design has been an absolute pleasure. I recommend them without reservation.

- Syd "The Jewel" Vanderpool World´s Best Super-Middleweight -

My name is Jeff Gilchrist, I have recently have started a small business as an electrical contractor. After sitting in my kitchen for about three hours I proudly came up with my company design, (did I mention proudly) It was a colorful eye-catching design. When it came time to do some advertising I met with the Yellow pages rep and submitted my "art" for them to put into an ad. Days later they couriered me the finished product and it was to say the least, horrendous. After I showed my girlfriend Nikki she said I need to get a professional to help. After all this is suppose to be the ad that represents me, my company and of course to make me a living.

ENTER Romes Design. I called Brian and was simply asked to send him a business card. Seems easy to me I thought. I received a call the next day to come over to meet with Brian to assist with making a new design (or so I thought) When I arrived he handed me a page with five examples of designs that resembled my original in some form only better...much better. After fine tuning some of the smaller details for about half an hour my new image was complete. The new look was completely different but still had some resemblance to my original which allowed me to still feel proud that I had a part in my company logo! After sending the new look to my contact at Yellow Pages I was asked who made the new design. I told her. I felt a little bad telling her I didn't like the design they had come up with but she said that they have so many to do that they usually just whip them off with little to no creative thought at all. "They just make it all fit, that's all" To make a long story (which it is) short, I couldn't be happier with Romes Design. Brian was quick, professional, willing to work with my ideas, and at a reasonable cost which I expect will be well worth it when the design hits the pages.

Thank you Brian. I will happily send anyone looking for a designer in your direction. Good luck.


- Jeff Gilchrist Inline Electric -

" Romes Design did a great job with our company web site - their work was creative, yet practical, and they demonstrated flexibility over the course of the working relationship. I have already recommended them to several colleagues"

Carson O'Neill Founder - Rincroft Consultants Inc.